Release Notes : BIG-IP Controller PTF note 1.8.3 PTF-02

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 1.8.3 PTF-02
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 08/15/1998 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This note describes a Product Temporary Fix (PTF) to BIG/ip Version 1.8.3. This is the second PTF release for 1.8.3, so it is designated 1.8.3 PTF-02. The PTF includes fixes from the current PTF, as well as from PTF 1.8.3PTF-01. For complete information about Version 1.8.3, please refer to the 1.8.3 Release Notes


Who Should Install This PTF?

This release is only recommended for those customers affected by the bugs listed below.

PTF Installation Instructions

The following is the installation process for the PTF release:

Extract the contents of the x.v1.8.3PTF-02.tar file using the following command:

gtar xvpUf x.v1.8.3PTF-02.tar

Bug Fixes In This PTF

  • Bug #405: ECV may fail if search string occurs late in content
    This problem is now corrected.
  • Bug #571: Reverse service ping does not work
    This problem only affects customers who installed PTF 1.8.3PTF-01. The problem is now corrected.
  • Enhancement: Support For ECV With Basic HTTP Authentication
    The BIG/ip now includes a new command to assist in configuring ECV for testing web servers which require Basic HTTP Authentication (username and password). This works for both SSL and non-SSL servers. To run the new command, type auth_compose at the command line. The BIG/ip prompts you for the necessary information to automatically add an entry to the /etc/bigd.conf file.
  • Enhancement: Persistence across virtual servers that share a virtual address
    The BIG/ip now supports persistence for connections coming from the same client, but going to different virtual servers that share a virtual address. To turn this mode on, set the bigip.persist_on_any_port_same_vip system control variable to 1.

Bug Fixes In 1.8.3PTF-01

  • Bug #367: NAT for servers that are one or more router hops away from the BIG/ip
    In 1.8.3, such configurations did not work. This problem is now corrected.
  • Bug #363: XBigPipe may crash if a user presses the middle mouse button in a help screen
    This problem is now corrected.
  • Bug #360: Extended Application Verification (EAV)
    This is a new feature.
  • Bug #347: IPFW Logging
    Logging is now enabled for the IP Filtering and Rate Shaping functions.