Release Notes : BIG-IP Controller PTF note, version 2.1.3 PTF-01

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 2.1.3 PTF-01
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 12/10/1999 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides fixes for BIG/ip Controller, version 2.1.3.  The PTF includes all fixes released since version 2.1.3, including fixes originally released in prior PTFs.


Installing the PTF

Apply the PTF to BIG/ip Controller version 2.1.3 using the following process:

  1. Click here and follow the instructions for using the F5 Networks FTP site.

    Use FTP in passive mode from the BIG/ip Controller to download the file. To place FTP in passive mode, type pass from the command line before transferring the file.

  2. Download the appropriate file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the target BIG/ip Controller:
    • For US BIG/ip Controllers, download the v213ptf1domkit.tar file.
    • For international BIG/ip Controllers, download the v213ptf1intlkit.tar file.
  3. Enter the following commands to install this PTF:

    cd /var/tmp
    tar -xvpf v213ptf1domkit.tar
    (Domestic HA/HA+ and LB)
    tar -xvpf v213ptf1intlkit.tar (International HA/LB)

  4. Run the following commands:

    cd /

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The install automatically creates a backup of the /etc/syslog.conf file in /var/save/backupyymmdd_hhmm/ on the BIG/ip Controller and removes any old files that are no longer used. If you have made changes to the /etc/syslog.conf file, you may need to edit that file and retype your modifications.

The checksums for this PTF are available in a file called sums, which can be downloaded from the FTP site.

Once you have installed the PTF software, please refer to the Configuring and using the updated software section below.

What's in this PTF

  • CR 5674:  Support new AOL proxy network 202.67
    Added support for the new AOL proxy network 202.67.
  • CR 5583:  Virtual server statistics Nodes Up displaying incorrect information
    Fixed a communication problem between a 3DNS Controller and the BIG/ip Controller that could cause virtual server statistics for Nodes Up to display incorrect information.
  • CR 5513:  Persist on any port to same node breaks ecommerce when nodes go down
    Changed the behavior of the sysctl variable persist_on_any_port_same_vip. This variable makes a connection persist to any port on the same node. For example, in an e-commerce situation you might want customer to maintain a connection to port 443 and port 80. With the old behavior it was possible that one port to go down and the other to stay up. In this situation, the BIG/ip Controller ends up with one persistence entry pointing to one node for port 443 and another persistence entry pointing to a different node for port 80. This cross-persistence can stablize, causing incorrect persistence to the e-commerce site.

    The new behavior for this variable is to delete the persistence entry to the other port when one port goes down. This causes both port 80 and port 443 traffic to persist to a new node, even though one of the ports is functional and can still get traffic.
  • CR 5512:  Enable keyword for ports dropped in bigip.conf save
    Fixed a problem that could cause the keyword enable to be dropped from configurations with many ports. This problem could cause some ports to be disabled when the /etc/bigip.conf file is written.
  • CR 5501:  Cookie persist breaks with very long cookie line
    Extended the length of cookies accepted by cookie persistence to 2048 bytes.
  • CR 5456:  Reset connection can decrement counters twice
    Fixed a problem that could cause counters to decrement twice when connections are reset.

Configuring and using the updated software

No additional configuration is required for the fixes in this PTF.

Known Issues

The F5 Configuration utility does not handle virtual servers configured with 0 or 255 in the last octet. If a virtual server is configured with 0 or 255 in the last octet, no virtual servers are displayed in the F5 Configuration utility.