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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.1.1 PTF-03
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 10/07/2002 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the BIG-IP, version 4.1.1.  The PTF includes all fixes released since version 4.1.1.


Installing the PTF

Use the following instructions to apply the PTF to the BIG-IP, version 4.1.1. 

Important:  If you are upgrading an IP Application Switch or a BIG-IP that uses a solid state disk (SSD), use the installation instructions here.

Apply the PTF to the BIG-IP, version 4.1.1 using the following process.  The install script saves your current configuration.

  1. Connect to the F5 FTP site (

    Use FTP in passive mode from the BIG-IP to download the file.  To place FTP in passive mode, type pass at the command line before transferring the file.

    • For crypto BIG-IP units, choose
    • For non-crypto units, choose
  2. Change your directory to /var/tmp/ by typing:
    cd /var/tmp/
  3. Enter the following command to install this PTF:
    • For crypto, type:  im
    • For non-crypto, type:  im
    The BIG-IP automatically reboots once it completes installation.

To upgrade an IP Application Switch or a Compact Flash media drive (SSD), use the following process:

  1. Create a memory file system, by typing the following:
    mount_mfs -s 200000 /mnt
  2. Type the following command:
    cd /mnt
  3. Connect to the FTP site (
  4. If you are running the crypto version of the BIG-IP, download the file from the /crypto/bigip/bigip411 directory.
    If you are running the non-crypto version, download the file from the /nocrypto/bigip/bigip411nocrypto directory.
  5. On the BIG-IP, run the im upgrade script, using the file name from the previous step as an argument:
    im /mnt/<file name>

    When the the im script is finished, the BIG-IP reboots automatically.

Note:  This procedure provides over 90MB of temporary space on /mnt.  The partition and the im package file are deleted upon rebooting.

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Software enhancements and fixes

What's new in this PTF (PTF-03)

iControl BIG-IP Corba portal (CR18076)
The iControl portal for BIG-IP is now automatically configured to listen on a default port.

Transparent monitor for wildcard port (CR18094)
Transparent monitors for the wildcard port are no longer problematic.

Pool members (CR18103)
Saving and restoring a configuration no longer reorders pool members.

Failover (CR18110)
Certain systems no longer hang on Disc Sync during VLAN failsafe failover.

Any IP through NAT (CR18131)
Any IP through NAT now functions independently of SNAT automap settings.

Layer 2 forwarding mode with proxy arping (CR18189)
Layer 2 forwarding mode with proxy arping is now compatible with Cisco HSRP.

Discard rule (CR18276)
Using the discard statement in a rule with UDP and Any IP no longer causes the BIG-IP to become unstable.

Deleting FTP data virtual server (CR18314)
Deleting the FTP data virtual server while traffic is flowing no longer causes the BIG-IP to become unstable.

SNAT automap port check (CR18383)
The number of ports available for SNAT automap has been increased. The BIG-IP no longer runs out of ports as quickly on SNAT automapped addresses when SNAT automap is being used to aggregate all clients to one particular address.

Delayed binding (CR18439)
The rule and cookie features no longer miss SSL traffic when keep alives are enabled.

bigpipe help (CR18447)
bigpipe help now gives the correct syntax for bigpipe quiet_boot

IP forwarding between VLAN groups (CR18460)
The BIG-IP no longer allows forwarding between VLAN groups when IP forwarding is turned off.

Server-side SSL (CR18470)
Server-side SSL no longer causes proxyd to destabilize.

XML trunk metrics (CR18480)
The BIG-IP XML provider can now display trunk metrics.

VLAN failsafe with MAC masquerading (CR18506)
VLAN failsafe with MAC masquerading now sends the correct MAC address from the standby BIG-IP.

Defining pools (CR18512)
Redefining a pool that is referenced by a cache rule no longer causes the BIG-IP to hang.

What's new from PTF-02

SSL proxy (CR17829)
When clients prematurely disconnect from SSL proxy, the proxyd daemon no longer becomes unstable.

snmpdca (CR17836)
snmpdca now supports user-specifiable SNMP community names.

BIG-IP connection table (CR17911)
FTP proxies no longer cause duplicate connection table entries.

HTTP and HTTPS monitors (CR17926)
Authorization information for the HTTP and HTTPS monitors is now correct.

iControl SOAP portal .NET compatibility (CR17928)
The iControl SOAP portal is now compatible with Microsoft's .NET.

SEE-IT XML provider (CR17933)
The SEE-IT Network Manager can now collect statistics and performance information from the BIG-IP.

Cache rules (CR17960)
BIG-IP cache rules now function properly with non-transparent caches and Keep-Alives.

tcpdump (CR17964)
Running tcpdump on a VLAN under extremely heavy load no longer causes the BIG-IP to become unstable.

Cookie persistence (CR17972)
Cookie insert and cookie rewrite modes now function correctly with SSL-to-Server.

Port mirroring (CR17983)
Configuring port mirroring no longer causes traffic to be delayed.

The following CRs have been fixed for iControl: (CR17851) (CR17902) (CR17923) (CR17932) (CR17934) (CR17999) (CR18012)

What's new from PTF-01

SIP improvements (CR17599)
This PTF includes Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) improvements including load-balancing support and Call-ID persistence for proxy servers that receive SIP messages sent through UDP.

Translated connection rebinding feature (CR17600)
The BIG-IP now allows for rebinding of translated connections.

Stray interrupts from the SSL driver (CR17602)
The SSL driver no longer causes stray interrupts.

SEE-IT provider for BIG-IP (CR17605)
The SEE-IT provider for the BIG-IP is now reporting correct interface names.

svcdown_reset now sends RSTs (CR17617)
The svcdown_reset command now sends RSTs on attempted initiation.

Monitors: node address timeout (CR17655)
When using monitors, you can now adjust the node address timeout setting.

SIP and IP fragments (CR17598)
BIG-IP now correctly detects when all IP fragments of a datagram have been received.

Type of service (TOS) value on delayed binding connections (CR17614)
The BIG-IP now sets a correct type of service (TOS) value on delayed binding connections.

Web-based First-Time Boot utility intermittent issues (CR17660)
Web-based First-Time Boot utility issues with change webadmin userid and password are now fixed.

Keep-alives are now more robust (CR17671)
Keep-alives with problematic CGIs are now more robust.

iControl SOAP WSDL (CR17685)
iControl now works with the MSSOAP Toolkit

Web-based First-Time Boot utility (CR17697)
The web-based First-Time Boot utility can now assign port numbers to separate VLANs on dual port NICs.

VLAN creation (CR17700)
The maximum number of VLANs you can create on an IP Application Switch is 63. (The maximum for the Controller platform is 256)  If you create more then 63 VLANs, you receive an error message. 

bigsnmpd and system resources (CR17736)
The bigsnmpd no longer exhausts system resources.

SNAT Automap functionality (CR17779)
SNAT Automap now functions correctly.

SNAT port collision resolution (CR17798)
SNAT virtual server connections and non-TCP SNAT connections are now resolved properly.

Client POST with SSL proxy and client header insertion may time out (CR17894)
A Client POST with SSL proxy and client header insertion no longer times out.

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Required configuration changes

There are no required configuration changes in this PTF.

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Known Issues

The following items are known issues in the current release.

Update status in the LOAD-BAL-MIB.txt (CR17864)
The virtual server status statistics for ready and disabled are reversed.

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