Release Notes : BIG-IP Controller Release Note, version 2.1.2

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 2.1.2
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 10/13/1999 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


These release notes cover changes since version 2.1. This release is recommended, but not mandatory, for all customers. It contains new features. This release applies to both US and International versions of BIG/ip HA and BIG/ip LB.


Installing the upgrade

You can apply this release to version 1.8.3 and later. Do not apply previous PTFs; they are already included in the current installation.

Use the following process to install the software:

  1. Click here and follow the instructions for using the F5 Networks FTP site.

  2. Download bigipv211domkit.f5.tar file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the BIG/ip Controller.

    Customers with International versions of the BIG/ip Controller need to download the bigipv211intlkit.f5.tar. Customers who are using LB versions of the BIG/ip Controller need to download the bigipv21lbdomkit.f5.tar. To place FTP in passive mode, type pass from the command line before transferring the file.

  3. Type the following commands to install this software:

    cd /var/tmp
    tar -xpf bigipv211hadomkit.f5.tar (Domestic HA and HA+)
    tar -xpf bigipv211lbdomkit.f5.tar (Domestic LB)
    tar -xpf bigipv211intlkit.f5.tar (International HA/LB)

  4. From the root, type the following command:


  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The installation automatically creates a backup of the following files in /var/save/backupyymmdd_hhmm/ on the BIG/ip Controller and removes any old files that are no longer used. If you have made changes to a file in the following list, you may need to edit that file and retype your modifications:


Customers upgrading LB or International versions of the BIG/ip Controller now have the opportunity to configure either a Telnet or FTP server during the upgrade, or at a later time. During the upgrade process, you are prompted to configure either Telnet or FTP if they have not been configured. Follow the instructions.

If you choose to configure Telnet or FTP at a later time, type the appropriate command:



During the final step in an International upgrade, you are prompted for the type of system you are upgrading:  single or redundant. If you choose redundant, you are prompted to type in the user ID and password for accessing the BIG/ip web server. This information is used when synchronizing configurations (configsync).

The checksums for this release are available in a file called sums, which can be downloaded from the FTP site.

What's new in this version

New features and enhancements

Added support for new 2U hardware configuration
Added support for the new 2U hardware implementation of the the BIG/ip Controller HA++. For more information about the 2U hardware implementation, see The BIG/ip Controller HA++ 2U hardware configuration.

Added support for active reboot on low memory
Added a new feature that can be used to automatically reboot the BIG/ip Controller when the memory reaches capacity.

Partition changes for disks smaller than 1GB
Changed the partition scheme for disks smaller than 1GB. Disks smaller than 1GB no longer have a swap partition on the drive. Also, combined the /usr partition with the / (root) partition.

Add support for MSBC 6880/6886 SBC on-board watchdog
Added support for the new on-board watchdog mechanism used in the new 2U BIG/ip Controller.

Added support for compressed timezone information in the First-Time Boot utility
The First-Time Boot utility now uses a compressed version of the timezone database.


BIND 8 upgrade
Fixed a problem with the upgrade tarball for BIG/ip Controller version 2.1.1. The 2.1.1 tarball did not upgrade older versions of BIND to BIND 8. The CD install performed this upgrade properly.

CR 4710 - SSL session ID persistence is not functioning correctly in BIG/ip Controller v2.1.1 and v2.1
Fixed a problem that caused virtual servers set up to use SSL session ID persistence to default to standard client IP persistence.

CR 4732 - Hung connection with http POST and cookie persistence
Fixed a problem that could cause certain long HTTP POST connections to hang with HTTP cookie persistence.

CR 3285 - Report CPU model and speed accurately
The CPU model and speed are now accurately reported by the kernel.

CR 3652 - BIG/ip: 64 Bit simulated Counters
Exposed the high 32 bit part of the 64 bit counter for the following counters in the BIG/ip Controller MIB (load-bal-system-mib):

  • Bits In
  • Bits Out

CR 3701 - Incorrect handling of ICMP ECHO-REQUEST for a VIP in the vipnoarp mode
The ICMP ECHO request is now handled properly by virtual servers running in vipnoarp mode.

CR 4284 - Wrong key name for network fail-over toggle
Added the proper key name, Common.Sys.Failover.Network, for setting network fail-over in the F5 Configuration utility.

CR 4293 - support for 3DNS SNMP probing, system control variable to open ports
Added the ability for the BIG/ip kernel to enable the port lockdown for the big3d service.

CR 4313 - Load Balancing Method selection is incorrect on error screen
The F5 Configuration utility displays the correct Load Balancing methods in the load balancing methods list when the main system page is redrawn.

CR 4315 - bigpipe snat command
Fixed a problem with the bigpipe snat command that could cause a problem with the BIG/ip Controller if node and snat address are accidentally reversed.

CR 4360 - bigtop and bigstat are statically linked to libc
Reduced the BIG/ip Controller software footprint by compiling with shlicc instead of cc.

CR 4356 - Priority load balancing method not working
Fixed a problem that prevented you from setting the ratio for priority load balancing.

CR 4358 - Corruption of virtual memory data structures
Low level data structures in the BSDI virtual memory management are now protected from corruption by interrupt handlers that call functions that manipulate them.

CR 4406 - Wildcard vip and default SNAT co-existence problems
Fixed a conflict between the default SNAT and wildcard virtual servers.

The BIG/ip Controller HA++ 2U hardware configuration

The BIG/ip Controller HA++ now ships with a total height of 2U (3.5"). To support this new size, a PCI/ISA single board computer (SBC) is used instead of an ATX motherboard. The new controller includes an integrated watchdog reboot mechanism. A PC card (formerly known as PCMCIA) socket replaces the 3.5" floppy drive.

Network Interface Cards
The new controller format includes two standard network interface cards (NICs). Alternative NIC configurations are available.

Mass Storage
This version of the controller does not contain a fixed hard disk drive. Instead, the following options are available:

  • 160MB flash memory PC card disk drive emulator
  • 260MB hard disk drive on a PC card

The amount of RAM included with the controller is now 384MB.

Known issues

Upgrade recommendations for BIG/ip Controller version 2.1.2
Due to critical fixes contained in the BIG/ip Controller version 2.1.2 release, we recommend that you install this version instead of, or as an upgrade to, version 2.1 or version 2.1.1.

BIND 8 upgrade
The upgrade tarball for BIG/ip Controller version 2.1.1 did not upgrade older versions of BIND to BIND 8. The CD install for version 2.1.1 and upgrade tarball for version 2.1.2 perform this upgrade properly.

International upgrade syntax error
In the International version only, if you upgrade from BIG/ip version 2.1 to 2.1.1 and reboot, when the BIG/ip Controller is trying to start the webserver, you will see the following syntax error:

Syntax error on line 116 of /var/f5/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
ServerName takes one argument: The hostname of the server

In order to correct this error:

  1. Run reconfig-httpd from the command line.
  2. Reboot.