Manual : GLOBAL-SITE Administrator Guide, version 2.0

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GLOBAL-SITE Controller

  • 2.1 PTF-01, 2.1.0, 2.0.0
Original Publication Date: 09/27/2007

Introduction to the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Welcome to the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Application tools

GLOBAL-SITE Controller features

Application and content synchronization
Version control
Site recovery and one-button rollback
Content and administration security
Visibility into the publishing process
Adaptable open systems and web publishing support
Secure, succinct network traffic

Environmental requirements for GLOBAL-SITE Controller hardware

What's new

Managing EDGE-FX Cache with the GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Controlling servers with the GLOBAL-SITE agent
Transferring files using WebDAV and WebDAV-SSL
Improved path, exception path, and file specifications
Improved error reporting
Maintenance menu
What's new from version 1.1.1
XML provider
Removing unused editions
RAID status
Compressing files in non-archived publications
Regulating non-archived publishing

Finding help and other technical support resources

Release notes
Online help
Technical support

Publishing Documents

Why GLOBAL-SITE Controller?

Understanding GLOBAL-SITE objects

Planning to configure the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Defining publications
Defining sections
Specifying the subscribers for section content

Using the publishing cycle

Updating the content of sections
Delivering the content to subscribers
Displaying status
Delivering the edition

Increasing Control over Publishing

Using enhanced publishing features

Scheduling the publishing process

Scheduled publications
Scheduled activation of new content
Comparing controlled and independent activation
Options for controlled activation

Working with the BIG-IP Controllers and virtual servers

Guidelines for BIG-IP Controller GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Creating a BIG-IP Controller on the GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Marking BIG-IP Controller nodes as down while updating content
with the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Working with EDGE-FX Cache and cache subscribers

Guidelines for EDGE-FX Cache GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Managing a cache from the GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Creating a cache subscriber

Creating non-archived publications

Looking at benefits of non-archived publications
Planning for non-archived publications
Considering the details of non-archived publishing
Using procedures for non-archived publications

Understanding file transfer methods

Choosing a port for the file transfer method

Controlling servers with the GLOBAL-SITE agent

Transferring files using WebDAV and WebDAV-SSL

Section updates using FTP-Push

Defining exceptions to sections

Monitoring Publishing Processes

Managing publishing

Making ongoing configuration changes

Working with unavailable subscribers
Freeing up disk space by deleting editions and unused versions
Switching sections in an existing publication to use FTP-Push
transfer method
Changing system settings using the System Settings screen
Changing system settings using the Maintenance menu

Understanding process logs

Publication log
System Log
Error Log

Understanding the GLOBAL-SITE Controller phases

Interpreting phases in the status line
Using the Phases of Publication table

Administrative Functions

Using GLOBAL-SITE administrative commands

Backup strategy for the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Backing up the GLOBAL-SITE Controller
Restoring the GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Command line utility terminology

Reconfiguring the Controller

Changing the host name or IP address of a GLOBAL-SITE Controller

Editing the network and hosts files
Resetting the GLOBAL-SITE identifier
Updating the distributor lists on other GLOBAL-SITE Controllers