Manual Chapter : Accelerating Video Streams with Video Delivery Optimization

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  • 11.4.1
Manual Chapter

About video delivery optimization

BIG-IP video delivery optimization provides you with the ability to retrieve and accelerate on-demand video stream from an origin web server. The BIG-IP system sends client requests for the video stream to an origin web server, caches the response video segments, and sequentially sends optimized video responses to all authorized users.

Additionally, video delivery optimization enables you to associate video advertisements with a video stream, providing the ability to preroll advertisements, or to insert advertisements as specified by a video advertisement policy.

About caching video segments by location

You can configure BIG-IP devices in asymmetrical deployments, symmetrical deployments, or both to optimize performance needs, positioning BIG-IP devices in accordance with higher-demand, lower-bandwidth locations within the network.

About caching popular content

A BIG-IP device manages popular video content by evaluating several aspects, including the proximity of clients, number of requests, performance of the network, and defining values of the video segments. You can modify the resultant evaluation by changing the Cache Priority setting in the Responses Cached screen for a BIG-IP acceleration policy.

About video delivery optimization cache priority

You can define a caching priority level for video segments, which is useful in specifying a higher caching priority for popular video segments, by using the Cache Priority setting in the Responses Cached screen.

About globally configuring video delivery optimization

Optimizing video in a global network improves the video performance across significant distances. When you implement video delivery optimization in a symmetric deployment, the system caches video segments on the device closest to the client, reducing the latency and improving the quality of the video.

About video delivery optimization bit rate selection

You can specify a maximum bit rate for video delivery optimization, which limits the maximum bit rate that is available to the user. When you configure different maximum bit rates, you can designate those specific bit rates to different types or levels of users. For example, you could create a policy node for each level of user and assign a different maximum bit rate to each node. A value of 0 indicates that the bit rate is unconstrained.