Manual Chapter : APM ActiveSync Limit

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  • 13.1.5, 13.1.4
Manual Chapter

Overview: Supporting larger email attachments for ActiveSync

By default Access Policy Manager® (APM®) supports a POST body of up to 64 KB for ActiveSync. If an email body exceeds that limit, APM writes a message, ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED, to the var/log/apm log file. APM can be configured to support a POST body of up to 25 MB.

Increasing the APM limit for ActiveSync email POST body

You can specify the supported size for the ActiveSync email POST body using a database variable.
Note: The maximum supported size is 25 MB.
  1. Log on to the BIG-IP® system command line and type tmsh .
  2. Type this command sequence sys db .
  3. To specify the amount of disk space allocated for hosted content:
    1. Type this command sequence modify tmm.access.maxrequestbodysize value .
      This prompt displays. Values: [enter integer value min:64000 max:25000000]
    2. Type a value and press Enter.