Manual Chapter : VMware Horizon View Requirements for APM Integration

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  • 11.5.10, 11.5.9, 11.5.8, 11.5.7, 11.5.6, 11.5.5, 11.5.4, 11.5.3, 11.5.2
Manual Chapter

About VMware Horizon View server required settings

To integrate Access Policy Manager with VMware Horizon View, you must meet specific configuration requirements for VMware, as described here.

SecureTunnel and PCoIP Secure Gateway disabled
Ensure that Secure Tunnel and PCoIP Secure Gateway are disabled on the VMware Horizon View server.
Advanced authentication disabled
Ensure that RSA authentication and other advanced authentication types are disabled on the VMware Horizon View server.

About VMware Horizon View server settings and SSL offloading

If you want to use Access Policy Manager (APM) to offload SSL from VMware View Horizon servers, you must configure your VMware View Horizon servers for SSL offloading. For more information, refer to the administration guide for your VMware Horizon View server and search for Off-load SSL Connections.

Note: APM supports SSL offloading. However, it is not a requirement for integrating APM with VMware.