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  • 13.0.1, 13.0.0
Manual Chapter

Per-flow and subsession variables

Per-flow variables exist only while a per-request policy runs. Per-flow variables for a per-request policy subroutine exist while the subsession exists. Multiple subsessions can run simultaneously. The table lists per-flow variables and their values.

Name Value
perflow.agent_ending.result 0 (success) or 1 (failure).
perflow.application_lookup.result.families Comma-separated list of application families.
perflow.application_filter_lookup.result.action 0 (reject) or 1 (allow).
perflow.application_lookup.result.effective_application Name of the application that is ultimately used.
perflow.application_lookup.result.effective_family Name of the application family that is ultimately used.
perflow.application_lookup.result.names Comma-separated list of application names.
perflow.application_lookup.result.primary_application Name of the application that APM® determines is the primary one.
perflow.application_lookup.result.primary_family Name of the application family that Access Policy Manager® (APM) determines is the primary one. (An application might fit into more than one application family.)
perflow.bypass_lookup.result.ssl 0 (http) or 1 (https).
perflow.category_lookup.failure 0 (success) or 1 (server failure).
perflow.category_lookup.result.categories Comma-separated list of categories.
perflow.category_lookup.result.customcategory Unique number that identifies a custom category; used internally.
perflow.category_lookup.result.effective_category Name of the category that is ultimately used.
perflow.category_lookup.result.filter_name Name of the URL filter.
perflow.category_lookup.result.hostname Host name retrieved from SSL input.
perflow.category_lookup.result.numcategories Integer. Total number of categories in the comma-separated list of categories.
perflow.category_lookup.result.primarycategory Name of the category that APM determines is the primary one. (A URL might fit into more than one category, such as news and sports.)
perflow.category_lookup.result.url Requested URL.
perflow.protocol_lookup.result http or https. Defaults to https.
perflow.response_analytics.failure 0 (success) or 1 (server failure). Session ID.
perflow.ssl_bypass_set 0 (bypass) or 1 (intercept). SSL Bypass Set and SSL Intercept Set items update this value.
perflow.ssl.bypass_default 0 (bypass) or 1 (intercept). Specified in the client SSL profile, used when SSL Bypass Set and SSL Intercept Set items not included in per-request policy.
perflow.urlfilter_lookup.result.action 0 (reject) or 1 (allow).
perflow.username User name.
perflow.on_demand_cert.result 0 (success) or 1 (failure) of On-Demand Certificate authentication in the subroutine.
perflow.decision_box.result 0 (continue) or 1 (cancel) selected for the Confirm Box action in the subroutine.
perflow.subroutine.out_terminal Name of the subroutine out terminal.
perflow.subroutine.invalidated 0 (validated) or 1 (invalidated) subroutine.
perflow.subroutine.loop_countdown Number of iterations remaining on a subroutine loop.
subsession.logon.last.username User name for the last login.
subsession.logon.last.authtype Last authentication type Domain name for the last login. 0 (success) or 1 (failure) of Active Directory authentication in the subroutine. Displays the error message for the last login.
subsession.ldap.last.authresult 0 (success) or 1 (failure) of LDAP authentication in the subroutine.
subsession.ldap.last.errmsg Displays the error message for the last login.
subsession.radius.last.attr.filter-id RADIUS attribute filter ID
subsession.radius.last.attr.framed-compression RADIUS attribute framed compression
subsession.radius.last.attr.framed-mtu RADIUS attribute framed MTU
subsession.radius.last.attr.framed-protocol RADIUS attribute framed protocol
subsession.radius.last.attr.service-type RADIUS attribute service type.
subsession.radius.last.errmsg Displays the error message for the last login.
subsession.radius.last.result 0 (success) or 1 (failure) of RADIUS authentication in the subroutine.