Release Notes : BIG-IP Edge Client for Windows Phone 8.1 version 1.0

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  • 11.5.2, 11.5.1
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 10/31/2018 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Edge Client for Windows Phone are now available. The downloads are available from the app store for your device.


User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to the following pages:

Known issues in 8.1

ID number Description
470384 When a user establishs a VPN connection, regardless of the Network Access Resource split tunneling configuration, existing static routes are not deleted.
468477 The Network Access connection Client Proxy settings do not work for Windows Phone 8.1 clients.
468485 A user might see error code 602 when switching between VPN connections. With this error code, VPN connections cannot be used on a Windows Phone you reboot the device.
468308 Windows Phone 8.1 does not distinguish between "DNS Address Space" and "DNS Default Domain Suffix," and treats all "*.domain" configuration in DNS Address Space as DNS Default Domain Suffix. Domain Suffix search does not work for Network Access connection on Windows Phone 8.1. Domain Suffix search also does not work for Network Access connection on Windows Phone 8.1.
469567 DNS requests excluded from VPN using pattern containing wildcard are not routed to default DNS server. Some application send the DNS request through the tunnel even when the DNS name matches the pattern specified in DNS "Excluded Address Space." This happens only when a pattern contains a wildcard character.
469581 If the IP address of the VPN interface that was issued by the VPN server is identical to one of the local IP addresses assigned to the physical NIC, the VPN connection fails and a user will have to reboot the system before any VPN connection can be used again.
428324 In some situations after establishing a VPN connection, the client cannot resolve the FQDN of the VPN server. As a result, the client cannot reconnect to VPN after network routing changes occur, such as DHCP IP renewal, network media disconnection, or APM session timeout. When roaming with an active VPN connection, users might experience disruption of Internet connectivity. A network re-connection with an active VPN connection can result in a disruption in the network connectivity.
468365 Certain applications, such as Internet Explorer and Mail app, cannot connect to IPv4 destinations if those destinations are a part of the network addresses specified in "IPv4 Exclude address space" on network access resource configured on the server. Other applications do not exhibit this behaviour.
469972 Some applications such as Microsoft RDP preview client can send traffic directly to a Windows Phone device's gateway even when VPN split tunneling is configured.
468368 Internet Explorer cannot reach the local subnet destinations even if "Allow Local Subnet" is configured.
471046 The destination host excluded in the IPv4 address space is reachable via Internet Explorer if the FQDN of the host is in the DNS include address space.

Supported Features in 8.1

The following Edge Client features are supported in Windows Phone 8.1


VPN Autoconnect


TLS 1.x                     
Roaming between networks                                 
Ipv4 transport
Ipv6 transport

Split Tunneling Scope

Feature Notes
Include Subnet List of subnets to be routed through the virtual VPN adapter.
Exclude Subnet List of subnets to exclude from routing through the virtual VPN adapter.
DNSSplit List of DNS patterns to define intranet DNS name space. For example:, *
AllowLocal SubnetAccess     Excludes local subnet and host or subnet in routes that have been explicitly specified in the client routing table from routing through VPN adapter.
DNSSuffix                           DNS suffix for intranet.
DNS DNS server for VPN connection.

Client Proxy Settings

Feature Notes
Proxy support for FQDN name
ProxyHost The address of the proxy client.
ProxyExclusion Specifies the Web addresses that do not need to be accessed through the proxy server. You can use wild cards to match the domain and host names or addresses.
The following examples are valid:


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