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Original Publication Date: 02/05/2019 Updated Date: 08/19/2019


In August 2018, Apple posted the release of F5 Access for iOS 3.0.1. Users should download this new version from the app store.

Applies To: BIG-IP APM 15.0.1, 15.0.0, 14.1.2, 14.1.0, 14.0.0, 13.1.3, 13.1.1, 13.1.0, 12.1.5, 12.1.4, 12.1.3, 11.6.4, 11.6.3, 11.6.2, 11.5.7


User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to BIG-IP Access Policy Manager Documentation.

Features and enhancements in 3.0.1

Client Certificate

F5 Access 3.0.1 allows you to install client certificates in the following ways.

  • Import directly using a URL link or with a share extension.
  • Deploy with a VPN configuration by an MDM service or mobile configuration profile.

Behavior changes in 3.0.1

Behavior changes in 3.0.1

Name Change

The name of the app is changed from "F5 Access 2018" to "F5 Access". The current version of app is F5 Access 3.0.1.

Privacy Policy

Now, when launching F5 Access 3.0.1 for the first time, you will receive an alert screen about Apple's privacy policy agreement. You need to click "Agree" to start using the App. (ID 738281)

Behavior changes in 3.0.0

ID number Description
679249 Starting with F5 Access version 3.0, the client is distributed with App Transport Security enabled. App Transport Security (ATS) requires that beginning with iOS 9 apps no longer be allowed to initiate insecure plain text HTTP connections, or TLS connections that don't comply with stricter requirements. The changes include:
  • The app will not be allowed to initiate plaintext HTTP connections, and will be required to use HTTPS with the strongest TLS configuration (TLS 1.2 and PFS cipher suites)
  • TLS connections require compliance with best practices: TLSv1.2 with forward secrecy, no known-insecure cryptographic primitives (RC4 encryption, SHA-1 certificate signatures), and key size requirements (2048 bits for RSA, 256 bits for EC).
In order to leverage the ATS-enabled F5 Access for iOS the BIG-IP should be configured to use secure protocols and encryption algorithms that satisfy ATS requirements. Refer to Client SSL Profile configuration for details. For more information on ATS:
697694 In F5 Access 2.1.1, the session variable session.client.biometric_fingerprint was not populated when an on-demand connection was completed. In F5 Access 3.0.0, session.client.biometric_fingerprint is populated when an on-demand connection is completed.
702427 If the BIG-IP configuration contains the LaunchApplication block for the Edge Client branch, the application work for on-demand VPN scenarios and per-app VPN scenarios. The Following notification appears when the tunnel is established: The Remote Access Server is attempting to run a local application. The user must click this message or launch F5 Access to start the app.
706017 Beginning with F5 Access 3.0.0, Per-App VPN connections are L3. As a result:
  • The DNS address space does not affect the DNS server that is picked up for resolution. DNS resolution for provisioned applications and specified Safari Domains is made by the Network Access DNS servers. DNS resolution for unmanaged applications and Safari domains not listed in the Per-App VPN configuration is handled by local DNS.
  • For resolution of short names, the DNS default domain suffix (from the DNS/Hosts tab) is used as the suffix for resolution. The DNS Address Space is not used as the suffix for resolution (note that a device-wide VPN connection does use DNS Address space for resolution of short names).

Known issues affecting F5 Access 3.0.1

Known issues affecting F5 Access 3.0.1

The following are known issues that affect the user experience when F5 Access is used on an iOS device. These issues may be addressed in the future by F5 or Apple.

ID number Description
504919 F5 Access does not resolve the BIG-IP APM hostname each time it reconnects after the connection is broken. This limits the use of load balancing with BIG-IP DNS as it keeps using the same IP address for the connection.
557905 On iOS 9, if a managed app is being updated while Per-App VPN is active, the updated app might not make use of the active session until the active session is expired and a new one is created. As a workaround, wait until the current session expires, and restart the updated app.
587775 iOS may frequently sleep/wakeup VPN plugin in sleep mode of device and sending DNS queries. This causes APM session keeps alive for long time. The DNS queries are sent every from 10 seconds to a few minutes. The issue was reported to Apple to confirm and tracked through 25739124
601404 When the iPhone user changes the default text settings to a larger size, the UI will not be render properly.
695712 Due to an iOS issue (Apple Radar 36006149), it is currently not possible to switch between configurations using a widget added to the Today view.
696882 In this release, we don't support user interaction (prompts) for per-App VPN scenario. Server configuration should not require any user interaction to establish VPN.
699062 We currently don't support user interaction in per-App VPN scenario, admin should configure server that don't need user interaction to establish VPN.
700849 When you use an MDM to push a device-wide VPN that includes the SavePasswordEnabled feature, the setting enforceWebLogon does not work after the device is restored from backup.
700903 User may have to enter password again when there is a network connectivity changes, eg, enable/disable wifi and wifi roaming. This issue is currently reported to Apple as 36379795 and under investigation.
701247 With the use of Apple Transport Security (ATS) in version 3.x, insecure HTTP does not work for most connections. However, in some cases an HTTP (not HTTPS) IP address does still work. This may or may not be removed in the future by Apple.
701636 The Session expired or closed by server message will not appear when session is killed by an administrator or by timeout. The tunnel will be silently closed instead. Similarly, the message will not be shown if no lease pool is specified for the NA resource or the NA's lease pool is exhausted.
704309 F5 access doesn't send client certificate to BIG-IP if weblogon mode is enabled in configuration due to framework limitations.
704554 The error message "Authentication failed" is displayed if notifications are not allowed for F5 Access, in a scenario where F5 Access requires user input to authenticate. As a workaround, the user should enable notifications in Settings > F5 Access.
707434 The confirmation message "F5 Access would like to add VPN configurations" that appears when the user attempts to save a first VPN configuration is not localized in iOS 11. Regardless of the selected system language, the message appears in English.
738742 There is a DTLS fragmentation when F5 Access version 3.0.1 (and 3.0.0) is used.
739513 F5 Access for iOS web logon fails in some cases when there are multiple redirects to external pages.

Fixes in 3.0.1

Fixes in 3.0.1

ID number Description
720093 Previously, F5 Access did not support opening links for App Store app during authentication with Web Logon. When the user selected the link, an error message "Unsupported URL" was displayed. This issue is resolved in version 3.0.1.
734512 Previously, when the Japanese language was selected for the user interface, some items or the native logon UI were displayed in Korean language. This issue is resolved in version 3.0.1.

Fixes in 3.0.0

ID number Description
521817 Previously, Per-App VPN supported only DNS Resource Record (RR) types A and PTR. Now, Per-App VPN also supports DNS Resource Record type SRV.
562772 F5 Access 3.0 does not require the user to accept enabling VPN on the first launch. This allows the client to use MDM-deployed configurations without launching F5 Access first. For configurations that require user interaction, notifications must be enabled, which can be done in Setting > F5 Access or on the first launch of F5 Access.
650411 Previously, the Session ID was sometimes included in Edge Client URI requests. Session ID is no longer included in URI requests.
664981 Previously, if the password in an On-Demand configuration failed due to password expiration, there was no notification. Now a notification is posted to the user when expired password causes the authentication failure.
695687 With iOS 10, when the access policy required a client certificate to authenticate and the client certificate provided by the VPN configuration was incorrect or invalid, F5 Access attempted to reconnect until the request timeout threshold, then an error message was displayed. With iOS 11 in such a scenario the error occurs and the message is displayed immediately.
697722 Prior to version 3.0.0, the setting Ignore Client Proxy Autoconfig Script Download Failure in the Network Access Network Settings was ignored and the VPN was established whether the PAC file failed to download or not. Now, this setting is honored, and the VPN will not connect when the PAC file does not download and this setting is not enabled.
700651 In previous versions, Per-App VPN connections did not disconnect immediately after the timeout, as the timeout calculation was triggered by incoming or outgoing traffic. This could create problems as some apps could not reliably detect offline scenarios. In version 3.0.0, this problem is fixed.

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