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  • 12.1.0, 11.6.1, 11.5.4, 11.5.3, 11.5.2, 11.5.1
Release Notes
Original Publication Date: 10/31/2018 Updated Date: 04/18/2019


Version 1.2 of F5 Access for Windows 10 is now available. The download is available from the app store for your device.


User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to the following pages:

Known issues in F5 Access for Windows 10 v 1.2

ID Number Description
586012 If a VPN connection is already established and the user starts the F5 Access app, the user cannot navigate past the splash screen. As a workaround, disconnect the VPN connection and restart the application.
586020 If a user disconnects the VPN connection and then attempts to reconnect immediately, the VPN fails to connect. As a workaround, wait for a few minutes before attempting to reconnect the VPN again after disconnecting.
586159 F5 Access fails to re-establish a VPN connection if the session is killed on the server and the option "Remember my sign-in info" is disabled. As a workaround, reboot the device.
586208 If a user enables the "Remember my sign-in info" option, the credentials from a previous successful VPN connection are re-used, and the user is not prompted for credentials.
586288 When a user attempts to access a backend server over a VPN connection and the VPN session is terminated by the server because of an inactivity timeout, the next reconnection attempt might fail. As a workaround, try the connection again.
586684 By default, the Client OS checker takes the fallback branch if F5 Access for Windows is used to establish the connection. This happens because the client platform is reported as "Windows" when F5 Access is used. As a workaround, modify the default OS checker to use the "Windows" platform ( [mcget {session.client.platform}] == "Windows"} ) and version ( [mcget {session.client.platform_version}] == "10" ) session variables to detect Windows 10 correctly.
586688 When a user puts a Windows 10 system with an active F5 Access tunnel connection to sleep, the tunnel is not closed on the BIG-IP, and the user might not be able to establish a new connection to the VPN until the existing session times out.
586928 When using F5 Access to establish a VPN connection, access to the local network is not blocked even when the network access setting is "Force All Traffic through tunnel".
586956 DNS domain suffix and DNS address space settings are treated the same when a VPN connection is established using F5 access. As a result, any DNS address space settings are added to the DNS search suffix list and any DNS domain settings are added to DNS address space list.
586976 When the setting "Force All Traffic Through Tunnel" is enabled in Network Access settings, the "DNS default domain suffix" setting is ignored.
587507 If the IP address assigned to user's device is same as the local IP address, a tunnel cannot be established. As a workaround, change the local IP address or change the lease pool address to make sure that the two networks are different.
587923 When the option "Force all Traffic Through Tunnel" is set, proxy settings for short hostnames (e.g. https://intranet) are ignored.
588162 Proxy settings that are set manually in the VPN configuration will not be used in some cases. This occurs when split tunneling is configured in Network Access settings, and on windows mobile, it occurs regardless of split or full tunneling configuration. As a workaround, use a proxy configuration on the server.
588231 A session is not deleted from the BIG-IP when the user clicks Disconnect and manual proxy settings are set in the VPN configuration. As a workaround, do not specify proxy settings in the VPN configuration on the devices. Use the Network Access VPN configuration.
588857 An F5 Access user cannot pass the access policy if the on-demand certificate authentication agent is set before the logon page agent. The logon page cannot get user credentials.
589386 IPv6 traffic destined for the split tunneling exclude address space goes through the VPN tunnel.
589390 A user cannot access tunnel resources if the Client Proxy Address from the Network Access resource is an IPv6 address. As a workaround, use an IPV4 proxy server.
589493 On a system with two network interfaces, the F5 Access VPN connection fails to reconnect if the network interface that was used to establish the VPN connection is disconnected, even though the second NIC is available and working.
589532 Routes to local DNS servers are added unconditionally when the VPN connection is established, even though the "Allow Local DNS Servers" option is disabled in Network Access settings.

Supported features in version 1.2

The following F5 Access for Windows 10 features are supported in version 1.2.

Table 1. Authentication
Client certificate authentication
Username/Password with client certificate authentication (dual-factor authentication)
Table 2. Tunnel
TLS 1.x
IPv4 transport
VPN Autoconnect
Table 3. Split Tunneling Scope
Feature Notes
Include Subnet List of subnets to be routed through the virtual VPN adapter.
Exclude Subnet List of subnets to exclude from routing through the virtual VPN adapter.
DNSSplit List of DNS patterns to define intranet DNS name space. For example:, *
DNSSuffix DNS suffix for intranet.
DNS DNS server for VPN connection.

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