Manual Chapter : Customizing the BIG-IP Dashboard

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  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0

BIG-IP Analytics

  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0

BIG-IP Link Controller

  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0


  • 12.0.0
Manual Chapter

Customizing the BIG-IP Dashboard

Overview: BIG-IP dashboard customization

The BIG-IP® dashboard displays system statistics in selectable graphs, gauges, and tables. In addition to the pre-defined views, you can create custom combinations of the dashboard windows, called views, and save them in groups, called view sets. You can combine windows from different BIG-IP modules in a single view, or use just the windows you want for a single module. Windows are available only for those modules that you have licensed and provisioned.

Note: The view set name for all pre-defined views is standard.

Customizing the BIG-IP dashboard

You can create custom dashboard displays using the windows for any modules that are available on the BIG-IP® system.
  1. On the Main tab, click Statistics > Dashboard .
    A separate window opens for the BIG-IP dashboard.
  2. On the Views control bar, click the Create custom view icon.
    A blank canvas opens in design mode. The Dashboard Windows Chooser displays the available windows, grouped by module. You can click a module to display the available windows.
  3. From the Dashboard Windows Chooser, drag and drop the windows you want onto the canvas.
    After you drag a window to the canvas, you can resize it or change it to display the information you want by clicking a tab or filter.
    Note: The windows are not active when in design mode, so the data does not update in real time.
  4. When you have placed the windows you want onto the canvas, click the Save icon on the Custom Views control bar.
    The Save View popup window opens.
  5. Type a name for the view.
  6. Type a new name for the view set, or select from the list.
  7. Click OK.
    The new view is saved, and appears in the Views list.
  8. Click the double-gear icon on the Custom Views control bar to return to active mode.
    The dashboard displays the custom view you just created, and updates the display with real-time data.