Manual Chapter : Role-Based User Access

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 6.1.0
Manual Chapter

Role-Based User Access

About role-based user access

BIG-IQ provides you with the tools you need to provide granular access to users. You decide what BIG-IP objects a user interacts with, and how. You use these BIG-IQ components for applying role-based user access.

Pre-requisites for providing custom role-based access to an application

To complete this use case, you must have administrator access to BIG-IQ and have:

  • Configured BIG-IQ.
  • Discovered a BIG-IP device and imported the LTM service.
  • Configured the SharePoint application on that BIG-IP device.
  • Configured authentication for your users. In this use case scenario, we use BIG-IQ local authentication.