Manual Chapter : Preparing to Upgrade a BIG-IQ System with a 5.2 or 5.3 Data Collection Device Cluster

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Manual Chapter

Preparing to Upgrade a BIG-IQ System with a 5.2 or 5.3 Data Collection Device Cluster

Tasks to complete before you start the upgrade process

Before upgrading F5 BIG-IQ Centralized Management, complete these tasks.

Tasks Additional information
Deploy any staged configuration changes to your managed devices. When addressing configuration conflicts for each BIG-IP device, F5 recommends you use BIG-IP to override the configuration settings stored on BIG-IQ.
Decide which disk volume you want to install the upgrade on. You must have at least two volumes to upgrade. If you don't have two volumes, refer to: K17406: Using the tmsh utility to create a new software volume for installing a new image or hotfix on the BIG-IQ system at:
If you are currently using a self-IP address for device discovery, make a note of that IP address. You'll need to enter that IP address when you perform setup after you upgrade and reboot the BIG-IQ system.
Upgrade all managed BIG-IP devices to version 12.1 or later For you to manage BIG-IP devices from BIG-IQ Centralized Management, the BIG-IP devices must be running version 12.1 or later.

Download the BIG-IQ software image from F5 Networks

Downloading a software image from F5 Networks is the first step to making it available to install on the BIG-IQ system.
  1. Log in to the F5 Downloads site,
  2. Click the Find a Download button.
  3. Click the name of the product line.
  4. Click the product name, Centralized Management.
  5. Click the version number you want to download.
  6. Read the End User Software License agreement and click the I Accept button if you agree with the terms.
  7. Click the BIG-IQ version <version number> .iso file name that you want to download.
  8. Click the name of the closest geographical location to you.
    The software image downloads to your local system.
The software image is now available for you to upload to your BIG-IQ system to make it available for this upgrade.

Upload the latest version of the software image to the version 5.2 or 5.3 primary BIG-IQ

Before you can upload a software image to BIG-IQ, you must download it from the F5 Downloads site
You upload the latest BIG-IQ version of the software image to the BIG-IQ system to make it available for this upgrade.
Important: To make sure the software image successfully uploads, don't log out of BIG-IQ or close the browser window until the software image name appears in the Available Images list.
  1. At the top of the screen, click System.
  2. On the left, expand THIS DEVICE > Software Management , then click Available Images.
    The Available Images screen lists the software image files that are available for install on this BIG-IQ.
  3. Click the Upload Image button.
  4. Click the Choose File button and go to the location to which you downloaded the image, and click the Open button to upload it to BIG-IQ.
  5. Click the Upload button.
    The screen refreshes to display the progress of the upload.
When BIG-IQ uploads the software, it verifies the image. This verification process can take several minutes. When BIG-IQ is finished uploading and verifying the image, the software image displays as Verified and is available for installation on a device.