Manual Chapter : BIG-IQ System Introduction

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 5.0.0
Manual Chapter

About BIG-IQ System Management

From the BIG-IQ® system, you can easily manage the following aspects of its operation:

  • Licensing
  • Network settings
  • High availability settings
  • User authorization and role management
  • Alerts
  • Logging and health monitoring
  • Backups and restoration

Additionally, you can review reports about the usage of BIG-IQ system resources. This helps you keep an eye on the health of your system.

About secure communication with BIG-IQ

To manage devices in your network, including BIG-IQ peer systems, the BIG-IQ system communicates over HTTPS port 443.

Open ports required for device management

The BIG-IQ system requires bilateral communication with the devices in your network in order to successfully manage them. For this communication, the following ports are open by default to allow for the required two-way communication.

Open Port Purpose
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Discovering, monitoring, and configuring managed devices
TCP 443 (HTTPS) and TCP 22 (SSH) Upgrade BIG-IP devices running version 11.4.0-11.6.0
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Upgrade BIG-IP devices running version 12.0.0
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Replicating and synchronizing BIG-IQ systems

What is the default administrator and root user names and passwords?

You access BIG-IQ with the following administrative user roles and a default password. You can change these passwords after you license the system.

Default User Type Default Password Access Rights / Role
admin admin This user type can access all aspects of the BIG-IQ system from the system's user interface.
root default This user has access to all aspects of the BIG-IQ system from the system's console command line.