Manual Chapter : Managing Virtual Servers in Web Application Security

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 5.4.0
Manual Chapter

About virtual servers in Web Application Security

Web Application Security displays virtual servers for each discovered BIG-IP® device, and enables you to view the properties for these virtual servers and manage the policies attached to them.

For each device discovered, Web Application Security creates an extra virtual server to hold all policies not related to any virtual server in the discovered device. You will see the IP address of this server expressed as dashes (----) in the virtual server list. All security policies that are inactive in the BIG-IP device, or are not attached to any virtual servers in the BIG-IP device, are assigned to this virtual server and will be deployed to the associated BIG-IP device without attaching it to any other virtual server. This is the only virtual server that is allowed to have multiple, editable policies assigned to it. BIG-IQ Centralized Management cannot assign policies to both active and inactive virtual servers on the same BIG-IP device.

Attaching Web Application Security policies to virtual servers

You can view virtual server properties and attach Web Application Security policies to virtual servers.
  1. Click Configuration > SECURITY > Web Application Security > Virtual Servers .
    The screen shows a list of the virtual servers that can be used with Web Application Security policies.
  2. Click the name of the virtual server to view properties or to manage the policy attached to the virtual server.
    The following properties cannot be changed from this screen.
    Property Description
    Name Name of the virtual server.
    Full Path Full path, including partition, to the virtual server on the BIG-IP® device.
    IP Address Self IP address of the BIG-IP device.
    Device Fully qualified domain name of the BIG-IP device.
  3. To change the policy attached to the virtual server, use the Attached Policy setting.
    • To attach a policy to the virtual server, select the policy from the list.
    • To remove the attached policy from the virtual server, click the X to the left of the policy name.
  4. If you changed which policy is attached to the virtual server, save your work.