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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
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About Local Database

The Local Database action can read and write information about a user in a local user database.
Changes that an administrator makes to a local user database, whether from the Configuration utility or the command line, can override the changes that this action makes.
A Local Database action provides the following configuration elements and options:
LocalDB Instance
Specifies a local user database instance from a list.
User Name
Specifies a user name from a list.
The same user name can exist in more than one local user database.
Allow User Create
Specifies whether to create a user dynamically when trying to write information for a user that is not in the database already.
Dynamically created users exist temporarily and are regularly purged from the database. Static users, created by an administrator using the Configuration Utility or the command line, are not purged.
Add new entry
Specify actions that read from and write to specific database properties.
An entry includes these elements:
Specifies where to store the value that is being read or written.For the
specifies a variable; the value that is read from the database is stored in this variable. The default variables are:
  • session.localdb.groups
  • session.localdb.locked_out
  • session.localdb.login_failures
    Alternatively, the variable can be any text string. When using non-default variables, verify the expressions used in any other item that reads or manipulates local database variables in the same session; ensure that the expressions use the same string.
For the
specifies a DB property (selectable from a list). The value of an expression is stored in this DB property. The
DB Property
list includes these items:
  • locked_out
    - a number; when 0, the user is not locked out. When greater than 0, the user is locked out.
  • login_failures
    - a number; the number of login failures currently recorded for the user.
  • groups
    - text; names of membership groups specified for the user in the local user database.
    Groups specified in the local user database are not verified against external systems.
Specifies where to get the value to read or to write. For
, specifies a database property (selectable from a list) to read. For
, specifies an expression, the value of which will be written.