Manual Chapter : About the Message Box action

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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

About the Message Box action

A Message Box action presents a message to the user, and prompts the user to click a link to continue. The message box has no effect on the user's access to the network or the preceding or following access policy checks. A message box can be used, for example, to warn a user about a redirect to a guest network, or that the client certificate failed to authenticate, or to display a message about the results of a rule branch in the access policy.
A Message Box action provides these configuration elements and options:
Specifies the language to use to customize this logon page. When a user selects a language, the content in the remaining fields display in the selected language.
Languages on the list reflect those that are configured in the access profile.
Specifies the message to present to the user.
Specifies the message that appears as the link text.