Manual Chapter : Prerequisite SFC tasks

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Manual Chapter

Prerequisite SFC tasks

Before you use the SFC controller to create an SFC configuration, you must log in locally to each BIG-IP device that is to operate as a service function forwarder (SFF), and create some prerequisite BIG-IP objects. You must also log in to each device that is to operate as a service function (SF) and create other prerequisite objects.
After you create these objects, you can specify them from the SFC controller as you create the service function chain configuration.
Figure 2 explains the prerequisite objects that you must create on each device, in the order suggested, for the sample configuration described in this document. The list is organized according to the specific service nodes that will make up the service chain configuration.
In Figure 2, and in the subsequent SFC controller tasks, all devices and configuration objects show sample names. When you create your own prerequisite objects and service chain components, make sure to use names that make sense for your configuration.
Prerequisite SFC tasks
No prerequisite objects are required for an SF of type Virtual, as it consists of the virtual server that you created on