Manual Chapter : Manage and create policy templates

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Manage and create policy templates

Create, delete, or export Web Application Security policy templates. You can create a custom template by using an existing Web Application Security policy. This allows you to reduce configuration time required for a new protection policy.
The following is the recommended procedure for managing your policy templates. You can create a template directly from the policies list by selecting a policy, clicking
and then
Save as Policy Template
  1. Navigate to the Policy Templates screen,
    Web Application Security
    Policy Templates
    A list of all policy templates are displayed. Custom templates are marked as
    in the User Defined column.
  2. To add a new template click
    1. (Required) On the New Policy Template screen enter a name to identify your new policy template.
    2. (Optional) Add a policy description to better identify the template’s settings.
    3. From the
      Template source
      field you can select
      to create a template from a policy that is already configured to the system, or you can select
      to import a policy from your local files.
    4. Click
      Save & Close
      The new template can now be applied to a new Web Application Security policy. Any changes made to the original policy, following template creation, will not affect the template's settings.
  3. To export any template as an XML file, select a template and click
  4. To delete a custom template, select a user-defined template, and click
    The following action deletes the template, but it does not delete the original policy or policies created using the template.
Policy template management is immediately reflected in the list on the Policy Templates screen.