Manual Chapter : Collect additional data to troubleshoot an application's performance

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.3.0, 8.2.0, 8.1.0, 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Collect additional data to troubleshoot an application's performance

You can use the Analytics area of the Application screen to collect additional data about application traffic data. This prompts the system to collect additional metrics about your application's performance, which enhances your troubleshooting capabilities.
You can enable Enhanced Analytics on multiple applications at once to the enhanced data objects in the HTTP dashboard (click
Local Traffic
  1. Open the application properties screen by selecting the application's name from the Applications screen ( click
    <Application Name>
    <Application Service>
  2. Click the
    Enhanced Analytics
    button to Enhanced Analytics Settings popup screen.
    By default, all HTTP metrics (check boxes) are enabled (selected). Selecting only one, or a focused number of metrics, improves the quality of the data collected.
  3. Ensure that the
    Collect HTTP metrics for <Application Name>
    check box is selected.
  4. Leave selected only the check boxes you want, to view specific data within the chart dimensions of the Analytics area.
  5. To view details about your application's security, select
    Collect Security metrics for all devices hosting <Application Name>
  6. Click
    The detail screen for this application displays a banner across the top of the screen, Enhanced Analytics On, with a
    button. If you return to the Applications screen, the health icon in the applications list is highlighted to indicate which application is running Enhanced Analytics.
  7. To disable Enhanced Analytics, click the
    button in the Enhanced Analytics On banner.
    You can also click
    Enhanced Analytics
    , and click
    in the Enhanced Analytics Settings popup window.
    Once you have completed troubleshooting, disable Enhanced Analytics to reduce disk usage allocated for statistics data collection.
When Enhanced Analytics mode is off, dimension statistics persist in the dimension object list, when viewing a time period from when Enhanced Analytics was enabled.