Manual Chapter : BIG-IQ Solution Setup and Configuration Overview

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

BIG-IQ Solution Setup and Configuration Overview

Overview of the BIG-IQ solution setup and configuration process

The sequence of tasks you need to complete to install, setup, and configure a BIG-IQ solution are listed here:
Task Sequence
Documentation for each task
Analyze your needs and determine which components to include in your solution and what infrastructure configuration needs to be completed before you can start.
Planning a Centralized Management & Visibility Deployment
For an end-to-end workflow detailing how to deploy BIG-IQ as a license administrator for un-managed BIG-IP devices, refer to:
Deploy BIG-IQ to manage licenses for BIG-IP VE devices
Confirm that all infrastructure requirements are in place
Configuring the network subnets and port requirements often requires scheduling and close coordination with your IT staff.
License your primary and secondary BIG-IQ systems.
Deploy your data collection device(s) (DCD) (optional).
Set up your BIG-IQ
Set up your BIG-IQ DCD cluster.
Connect BIG-IP devices to your BIG-IQ DCD cluster.
Set up analytics collection, monitor data, and navigate statistics reports and dashboards.
Set up disaster recovery scenarios.
For optimum performance, F5 makes the following maximum round trip latency recommendations:
For connections between these components
Round trip latency cannot exceed
between any two DCD or BIG-IQ devices in a DCD cluster
75 ms.
between the BIG-IQ CM and the BIG-IP devices it manages
250 ms.
between the managed BIG-IP devices and the DCDs that collect their data
250 ms.
The planning steps necessary to successfully install a BIG-IQ solution and get it ready to manage traffic are laid out in the
Planning a Centralized Management & Visibility Deployment
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