Manual Chapter : Upgrading to BIG-IQ Version 8.1.0

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.1.0
Manual Chapter

Upgrading to BIG-IQ Version 8.1.0

Supported upgrade paths

You can upgrade to BIG-IQ version 8.1.0 from the following BIG-IQ versions and deployments:

Upgrading to BIG-IQ version 8.1.0

You can upgrade directly to BIG-IQ version 8.1.0 from version 6.0.x or later. If your BIG-IQ deployment is currently running a version earlier than version 6.0.x, you will need to perform an incremental upgrade. Refer to Supported upgrade paths for supported upgrade information, and links to full documentation.
The upgrade includes a set of pre-upgrade tasks, the upgrade itself, and a set of post-upgrade tasks. It is recommended that you review the pre-upgrade tasks in advance of your scheduled upgrade date. During the upgrade, the maintenance window begins once you begin the upgrade itself, and depends on your current BIG-IQ setup, configuration, and managed BIG-IP devices. The upgrade process can take up to several hours depending on the number of devices in your setup. It is important that you not interrupt the installation process by restarting services or the server.
During the post-upgrade process, you can use your BIG-IQ devices as needed. However, due to system-reindexing in the post-upgrade process, some services may continue to be limited after your primary BIG-IQ device completes the upgrade.
Upgrading an existing BIG-IQ with a single NIC to version 8.1.0 is not currently supported.

Upgrading BIG-IQ with a Data Collection Device cluster

A minimal downtime (rolling) upgrade to BIG-IQ version 8.1.0 is supported only from version 8.0.x. The rolling upgrade process allows you to maintain statistics collection almost throughout the entire upgrade process.
A regular (non-rolling) upgrade means that during the upgrade maintenance window, statistics collection is temporarily suspended in BIG-IQ deployments with data collection devices (DCDs). The length of time for which data collection is suspended depends on the following:
  • The number of devices in your system configuration
  • The number of BIG-IP services managed by your BIG-IQ deployment
  • The volume of statistics and data stored on BIG-IQ prior to the upgrade
The BIG-IQ upgrade process takes approximately 45-60 minutes per device. For example, a BIG-IQ deployment with an single BIG-IQ device and 3 DCDs (4 devices total) will require a maintenance window of up to four hours to complete to upgrade process. Statistics collection is suspended during this process, but resumes immediately after upgrade completion.
Following the upgrade (including version, you must re-discover and re-import all managed devices and services to ensure new data is collected. For more information, see Re-discover and re-import BIG-IP devices.
The post-upgrade process can take several hours. During this time, you have access to your system, but may have limited visibility into your historical statistics. Once the post-upgrade process is complete, historical statistics display as expected.

Upgrading BIG-IQ (no data collection)

When upgrading the primary BIG-IQ device, either stand-alone or in an HA pair, there is a maintenance window of up to 60 minutes. During this time, you will not have access to system services. Services resume when you log back onto BIG-IQ after a successful upgrade.