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What's New in 7.1.9

The newly designed Edge Client 7.1.9 includes enhanced user experience, seamless secure connectivity, status notifications, and much more. Let's take a look at some of the new changes to BIG-IP Edge Client.
  • New and improved UI
  • Temporarily disconnect from the VPN without logging out
  • Improved status notifications
  • Auto-Connect moved to Preferences

New and improved UI

The first thing that you will notice in the updated version of Edge Client is its new status icons and the absence of the main window. After launch, the Edge Client for macOS displays a welcome screen. Subsequent launches display a splash screen, which minimizes to the status menu on the right end of the menu bar. You can quickly access connection options by clicking on the Edge Client icon.
Use the
Manage VPN Servers
popup screen to add, edit, and delete servers. The graph displaying traffic throughput is no longer available and has been removed.
Edge Client icon menu
Screenshot Edge Client icon menu

Temporarily disconnect from the VPN without logging out

BIG-IP Edge Client's
Turn VPN Off
option now temporarily disconnects from the VPN without logging you out. The login session remains active and allows you to establish a VPN without the need for re-authentication when you choose to
Turn VPN On
. This feature may be used to:
  • Temporarily disconnect from the VPN to either print something on a printer or perform other tasks on a remote network without logging out.
  • Establish a VPN quickly in high latency networks such as airplanes without going through the authentication flow.
  • Switch between the corporate wifi network and public wifi network easily without re-authentication.

Improved status notifications

Edge Client now displays alerts instead of growl notifications to provide timely information about an error or an auto-update. Alert appears in the top-right corner of the screen and the Notifications pane, accessed by clicking the Notification Center icon.
Edge Client error notification
Screenshot Edge Client error notification
Notifications are enabled by default. Use the Preferences popup screen to disable notifications.

Auto-Connect moved to Preferences

Edge Client's Auto-Connect lets you start a secure access connection as needed. You can enable Auto-Connect when your administrator configures the Network Location Awareness. Auto-Connect is disabled by default.
Edge Client preferences
Screenshot Edge Client preferences
To enable auto-connect:
  1. From the status menu, click the Edge Client icon and then click
  2. Select the
    check box.
When the computer is on an enterprise network, the client disconnects and remains active in the status menu. In this case, the Edge Client icon menu displays the message
In Enterprise Network
, and the
Turn VPN On
option is not available.
When the computer moves outside the enterprise network, the login session remains active, and the VPN connection establishes automatically without the need for re-authentication. Authentication is required only when a new session is created.