Manual Chapter : BIG-IP Reference Guide v4.1: Configuration Files

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.1.1 PTF-06, 4.1.1 PTF-05, 4.1.1 PTF-04, 4.1.1 PTF-03, 4.1.1 PTF-02, 4.1.1 PTF-01, 4.1.1, 4.1.0
Manual Chapter


Configuration Files

BIG-IP configuration files

The following table includes a list of the configuration files on the BIG-IP.




Stores virtual server and node definitions and settings, including node ping settings, the load balancing mode, and NAT and SNAT settings.


Stores BIG-IP self IP addresses and VLAN and interface configurations.


Stores authorization information for the BIG-IP.


Stores the user preferences for the Configuration utility.


This file holds the configuration information for how the SSL library interacts with browsers, and how key information is generated.


This is the location of the BIG/db database. This database holds various configuration information.


The main configuration file for the webserver.


The webserver password file. Contains the user names and passwords of the people permitted to access whatever is provided by the webserver.


Stores the hosts table for the BIG-IP.


Stores the IP addresses of workstations that are allowed to make administrative shell connections to the BIG-IP.


Stores basic system start up settings.


Stores IP filter settings.


Stores rate class definitions.


Stores IP filter settings for filters that also use rate classes.


Stores SNMP configuration settings.


Stores the default UNIX and the BIG-IP sysctl variables.


Controls information retrieval functions in the C library.


This is the configuration file for the secure shell server (SSH). It contains all the access information for people trying to get into the system via SSH.


This is a 3-DNS Controller configuration file. For more information, please refer to the documentation for that product.