Manual : GLOBAL-SITE Administrator Guide, version 1.0

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GLOBAL-SITE Controller

  • 1.0 PTF-03, 1.0 PTF-02, 1.0 PTF-01, 1.0.0
Original Publication Date: 09/27/2007
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction to the global/SITE Controller

Welcome to the global/SITE Controller

Application tools

global/SITE Controller features

Application and content synchronization
Version control
Site recovery and one-button rollback
Content and administration security
Visibility into publishing process
Adaptable open systems and web publishing support
Secure, succinct network traffic

Finding help and other technical support resources

Release notes
Online help
Technical support

Publishing Documents

Why global/SITE Controller?

Naming global/SITE objects

Planning to configure the global/SITE Controller

Defining Publications
Defining sections
Specifying the subscribers for section content

Using the publishing cycle

Getting new content
Publishing new content
Displaying status

Understanding the global/SITE phases

Making ongoing configuration changes

Unavailable subscribers

Administrative Functions

Using global/SITE administrative commands

Backup strategy for global/SITE

Backing up the global/SITE Controller
Restoring the global/SITE Controller

Command line utility terminology

Administrative Commands

Using global/SITE commands

gsActivatePubGroupRepos B-3

gsCancelCopyPhase B-4

gsCancelEdition B-5

gsCancelWanSync B-6

gsCompletePublish B-7

gsConnectPubGroupPath B-8

gsConnectReposSource B-9

gsCreateEdition B-10

gsCreateFtpAccess B-11

gsCreateFtpPath B-12

gsCreateNode B-13

gsCreatePubGroup B-14

gsCreateRepeater B-15

gsCreateRepos B-16

gsDeleteFtpAccess B-17

gsDeleteFtpPath B-18

gsDeleteNode B-19

gsDeleteRepos B-20

gsDeleteVersions B-21

gsDestroyPubSubscriber B-22

gsDisconnectFtpPathRepeater B-23

gsDisconnectPubGroupRepos B-24

gsDisconnectSourceFromTarget B-25

gsPrepareToPublish B-26

gsResetPubGroupState B-27

gsSetFtpAccessInfo B-28

gsSetFtpAccessPathState B-29

gsSetNodeInfo B-30

gsSetPubGroupInfo B-32

gsSetPublished B-33

gsSetRepeaterInfo B-34

gsSetReposInfo B-35

gsShowAllFtpAccess B-36

gsShowAllRepeaters B-37

gsShowFtpAccess B-39

gsShowPubStatus B-40

gsStartCommitPhase B-41

gsStartWanSync B-42