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GLOBAL-SITE Controller

  • 1.0 PTF-03, 1.0 PTF-02, 1.0 PTF-01, 1.0.0
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To move files from a temporary to a permanent directory on a subscriber (subscribing server).

current edition
The edition of a publication published to a subscriber and available to its users. All subscribers should have the same current edition. There may be multiple editions of a global/SITE publication on the publisher, but only one is currently published to a subscriber.

deliver edition
The final step in the global/SITE Controller publication process, where the content, a specific edition of a publication, is transferred to the target servers, or subscribers.

A global/SITE Controller that is remotely located and provides the publisher access to additional subscribers.
Compare to publisher.

A complete collection of specific versions of selected sections. An edition is an instance of a publication that indicates which versions of selected sections are to be included, and the edition is ready to be delivered (published), or has already been delivered to subscribing servers.
A publication may have multiple editions, but only one is currently published to the publication's subscribers. Past editions may be kept for backup, history, comparison, and other purposes.

A directory, located within a path of a section, that is to be excluded from the section when creating a section version. To exclude a directory from a section, you must specify the absolute path of the directory to be excluded. You can exclude only directories, not files.

File Transfer Protocol. A method that global/SITE Controller uses to collect and publish file-based content to internet sites.

global/SITE identifier
The unique, pre-assigned numeric identifier that distinguishes one global/SITE Controller from all others. You must have this identifier in order to add a global/SITE Controller as a distributor. If you change the global/SITE Identifier, it makes your section data unreachable, and prevents communication between your global/SITE Controllers.

key phrase
A phrase that is shared by the pair of publish and distribute global/SITE Controllers. Both the publisher and the distributor must use the same key phrase in order to communicate. You must have the key phrase in order to add a global/SITE Controller as a distributor.

Each global/SITE Controller publication is a collection of information about subscribers, content, and publication options. It maps and records where to get source information (content), and where to store it, and how and where to deliver (publish) it. A publication may maintain multiple editions simultaneously; it defines which versions of which sections are used in each edition, and which go to each subscriber.

publication options
Currently, publication options allow you to have the global/SITE Controller pause during the publishing process so that you can check status.

publication targets
See subscribers.

The process of identifying specific versions of sections to be included in an edition and then delivering this content to subscribers. You publish editions of a publication in order to make the subject matter available to the users of your internet site.
See deliver edition.

The global/SITE Controller that is sending content to the subscribers. A publisher may send content directly to subscribers, or to another global/SITE Controller functioning as a distributor that passes the publication to the subscribers.
See also, distributor.

See distributor.

See section.

The source content retrieved via one path (server and directory) and access method (authorization and protocol). Different updates are saved as unique section versions, which may be used in different publications and publication editions.

The location reached via a specific path (server and directory) and access method (authorization and protocol) where content is delivered, or published. The subscriber is the place that content is published to for access by customers. In the global/SITE Controller, the subscriber record contains a destination path for each section of a publication.

A version is one particular instance of a section that differs from other earlier or later instances of that section due to changes or modifications. Sections can have multiple versions which are numbered and dated to identify them as unique. You can specify the version of any section that you want included in an edition of a publication.