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  • 4.2.10
Original Publication Date: 03/01/2007

WANJet 500 Platform Guide

Table of Contents

Legal Notices

1. Introducing the WANJet 500 Platform

Overview of the WANJet 500 platform

Getting started with the WANJet 500 platform

Components provided with the WANJet 500

Peripheral hardware that you provide

Familiarizing yourself with the WANJet 500

Using the WANJet 500 hardware

About this guide

Finding additional information and technical support

Stylistic conventions

2. Installing the WANJet 500 Platform

Installing the hardware

Types of mounts

General recommendations for mounting a unit in a rack

Installing the WANJet 500 hardware

Powering up the WANJet 500 platform

Configuring the addresses

Connecting the cables

3. Using the WANJet 500 LCD and LEDs

Operating the LCD panel

Configuring the WANJet 500 using the LCD

Administering the WANJet 500 using the LCD

Understanding LED behavior

LED indicators

Network interface card LEDs

4. Maintaining the WANJet 500 Platform

Reviewing maintenance options

Changing a power supply

Replacing the power supply

Replacing a hard drive

Removing and replacing a hard drive tray

5. Understanding Environmental Guidelines for the WANJet 500 Platform

Environmental requirements

General environmental guidelines

6. Reviewing Hardware Specifications

WANJet 500 platform specifications

A. Installing the WANJet Appliance Using the Rail-Mount Kit

Installing the rail-mount kit

Installing the kit hardware

Installing the unit into a rail-mount rack

Connecting cables and other hardware

B. Platform-Specific Hazardous Substance Levels, for China

WJ500, WA4500, and EM3000 platforms