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Manual Chapter

Repackaging Guidelines

About repackaging the platform

The VIPRION® 4800 Series chassis and blades are designed to be shipped and packaged separately. If it becomes necessary to transport the platform to another location or return it to F5® Networks, these guidelines will help ensure that you repackage the platform properly.

Important: Before returning any equipment, contact F5 to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) case number.
Important: You must use shipping materials and packaging provided by F5 when repackaging the platform.
Note: Be sure to keep a record of the tracking number and ship date. These will be needed to track lost shipments.
Note: Do not include any cables, removable XFP/SFP/SFP+ modules, GBICs, or other peripheral items if you are returning the platform to F5 Networks.

Repackaging the chassis

The VIPRION® 4800 chassis must be shipped empty (with no blades or top bezel (with LCD component) installed) and in F5®-provided packaging.
  1. Disconnect the power cords and other cables from the platform.
  2. Install the front and back chassis handles (if they are not already installed) to help ease removal of the chassis from the rack.
  3. Remove all blades from the chassis and install blanks in each slot.
  4. Remove the chassis from the rack.
  5. Verify that the chassis contains two power supplies and two fan trays.
  6. Place the empty chassis onto the shipping pallet.
    Chassis on pallet
  7. Secure the red pallet mount brackets to both sides of the chassis using a #2 Phillips screwdriver and ensure that the brackets are securely fastened to the pallet.
    Use 18 to 20 inch-pounds (2.0 to 2.3 Newton-meters) of torque on these screws.
  8. Place the ESD bag over the chassis.
  9. Place the corrugated shroud over the chassis.
  10. Place the foam insert for the power cables on top of the chassis.
  11. Place the accessory tray on top of the foam insert.
    Shipping box with tray
  12. Place the top over the corrugated shroud.
    Shipping box with top
  13. Use the two provided, reusable shipping straps to secure the chassis to the pallet.
    1. For each strap, slide the loop end of the strap under the upper pallet board.
      Positioning strap
    2. Bring the other end of the shipping strap over the top of the chassis packaging and thread it through the loop.
      Securing strap
    3. Lift up to tightly secure the end of the strap.
      Secured strap
      Shipping box with RMA straps

Repackaging a blade

The VIPRION® B4000 Series blades must be shipped in F5-provided packaging.
  1. Disconnect the network cables and other cables from the blade, and then remove any optical modules.
  2. Turn the compression screws, located on either side of the blade, until the locking indicator changes from green (locked) to red (unlocked).
    Compression screws (locked and unlocked)
  3. Grasp the two eject levers on the front of the blade and pull toward you.
  4. Fully extend the eject levers on both sides of the blade and pull out toward you to remove the blade from the chassis.
    Important: You should handle blades only by the edges and avoid touching the board components.
  5. Place the blade into the antistatic bag, and then place the bagged blade into the black conductive wrapper sheet.
    Note: Use the printed guidelines inside the black wrapper sheet to orient the blade properly.
    Blade in antistatic bag
  6. Close the black wrapper sheet by securing the tabs on the left and right sides of the box.
    Blade box
  7. Place the foam cover on top of the blade box.
    Foam cover
  8. Close the blade box.
    Closed outer box
  9. Install the foam end caps onto the outside edges of the blade box, and then place the blade box into the outer shipping box.
    Foam and outer box
  10. Close and seal the outer shipping box.