Manual Chapter : Monitoring Applications Managed by BIG-IP

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 6.0.1
Manual Chapter

Monitoring Applications Managed by BIG-IP

Applications that provide limited data in version 13.1 and earlier

BIG-IP devices for earlier than version provide limited application information to BIG-IQ Centralized Management. In BIG-IQ, applications that are managed by these earlier versions of BIG-IP display limited data regarding traffic management, HTTP traffic latency, and web application security data.
Note: Web application services data is only available if Application Security Manager is provisioned to the managing BIG-IP system.

Single application monitoring

When application data (find it here, Applications > APPLICATIONS ), When you view application data for BIG-IP devices earlier than version,the following application data is unavailable:

  • Application Health (listed as Other)

  • HTTP Transactions

  • Application Response time

  • Metric Alerts

  • Enhanced Analytics

  • Web Application Security:

    • Security Alerts

    • Protection Mode

When you view statistics for a single application ( Applications > APPLICATIONS > <Application Name> ) for BIG-IP devices earlier than version, application traffic data in the ANALYTICS area of the screen is also unavailable.

Multiple application monitoring

When you view multiple applications ( Monitoring > DASHBOARDS > Local Traffic or Web Application Security) for BIG-IP devices earlier than version, HTTP and Web Application Security data is unavailable.

Application data visibility for a BIG-IQ system without data collection devices

A BIG-IQ Centralized Management system that does not include a data collection device cluster displays limited application data. In such a setup, you can create applications using an application template, but reported data for these applications is limited.

You can see information for a single application in screens here, Applications > APPLICATIONS Information is limited to the application name, and when the application was last modified on BIG-IQ. There is no application data visibility for any of the monitoring dashboards found in screens here, Monitoring > DASHBOARDS .