Manual Chapter : Upgrading the Devices in Your DCD Cluster and the BIG-IQ with Minimal Downtime

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 6.0.1
Manual Chapter

Upgrading the Devices in Your DCD Cluster and the BIG-IQ with Minimal Downtime

What happens during a BIG-IP and DCD cluster upgrade?

You start the DCD cluster upgrade, and the process proceeds without additional intervention from you. After the DCD cluster upgrade is complete, if you have a secondary BIG-IQ, you need to upgrade it manually, and perform a couple of post-upgrade tasks. But that's it. Because only one device in a DCD upgrades at a time, the cluster remains online throughout almost all of the upgrade process.

The automated cluster upgrade process completes these tasks.

  1. Breaks the high availability relationship with the secondary BIG-IQ (if present).
  2. Upgrades the DCD devices. To keep the cluster online, one device at a time is upgraded. The process starts by checking the statistics retention policy for the cluster, and checking that the DCD cluster is healthy. Then, for each DCD, the process:
    • Confirms disk space is sufficient for minimal downtime upgrade.
    • Stops snapshot creation.
    • Deactivates data collection services on a DCD.
    • Upgrades the DCD to the latest version.
      Note: If the /var partition for any of the devices in your cluster was extended before you upgraded, you must extend the /var partition for that device before the upgrade will proceed. For details on extending a disk volume, refer to Resizing VE Disk Volume Workflows in the F5 BIG-IQ Centralized Management Disk Space Management guide on
    • Confirms that the DCD is back in service.
    • Reactivates data collection services.
  3. After the DCD devices have all been upgraded, the process automatically upgrades the primary BIG-IQ device.

Upgrade the DCD and BIG-IQ cluster to the latest version

Before upgrading the data collection device (DCD) cluster, you must have completed the upgrade preparation.

The upgrade process installs the new version of the software on each device in the DCD cluster and on the primary BIG-IQ. If you have a secondary BIG-IQ, you'll need to upgrade that manually.

  1. At the top of the screen, click System.
  2. Select the image you want to upload and click the Upload Image button.
  3. On the left, click Upgrade.
    A popup screen notifies you that you are about to upgrade this BIG-IQ system and all of the devices in the associated DCD cluster. Click Continue to proceed.
  4. For the Upgrade Process, select Rolling Upgrade.
  5. From the Software Image list, select the image you want to install.
  6. Decide what you want to back up as part of this upgrade.
    • To back up the BIG-IQ device, select Back up the BIG-IQ system before upgrade.
    • To back up the DCD devices in your cluster, select Backup the Data Collection cluster before upgrade.
  7. From the Target Volume list, select the volume you want to install the image on for each device in the cluster.
    You can either choose an existing (inactive) volume, or create a new volume. If the Target Volume list is empty, the machine you are upgrading does not have a second volume available for you to install the upgrade. You must create one to proceed.
    • To install to an existing volume, select Target Volume and select the volume for the upgrade.
    • To install to a new volume, select New Volume, and type the new volume name.
  8. Click the Install button.
    A confirmation dialog box appears. Wait while the DCD cluster device upgrade process completes. Depending on your configuration and the number of devices you are managing, this could take up to 30 minutes per device. During this time, it is important that you not interrupt the installation process by restarting services or the server. When the BIG-IQ upgrades, it becomes inaccessible briefly. When you can log in to the BIG-IQ again, the process is complete.
  9. Confirm that the upgrade completed successfully.
    1. At the top of the screen, click System.
    2. On the left click SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT > Installations .
    3. Under Last Upgrade, open the properties screen by clicking the name of the just completed upgrade.
    4. On the properties screen for the upgrade, under General Properties, note the Status. If there is a green icon and the words Successfully completed the upgrade appear, then the upgrade is complete and successful.
Even though you can log in to this BIG-IQ system after the software is installed, the system continues some database re-indexing processes in the background. The time required re-indexing varies, depending on the size of your system configuration. If you perform any searches on objects before it's done re-indexing, BIG-IQ might not return the expected results. During this time, you can continue with the rest of the upgrade process.
Warning: During the period of re-indexing, do not restart the BIG-IQ system until you confirm a successful upgrade.