Manual Chapter : What should I know about disk space before estimating resource requirements

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 5.4.0
Manual Chapter

In addition to the alert rate, consider the number of devices you plan to manage, the data retention policy you plan to use, and the average size of the alerts you plan to store on the DCD. When you configure the retention and rotation settings for your alert data, you must consider the available storage on the DCD. Although DCD VE devices allow for expansion of the alert partition, be aware that if you exceed 50% of the available disk space (which is not the same as raw disk space), you will not be able to upgrade your BIG-IQ DCD cluster. After deployment, a certain amount of the disk space is consumed by the BIG-IQ system software and is unavailable.

Determine available disk space

If you are planning to upgrade a deployed DCD, you can use the following steps to determine the amount of available disk space.
  1. Use SSH to log in to your DCD as root.
  2. Check the disk space available by running the vgdisplay command.
    For example:
    --- Volume group ---
    VG Name               vg-db-sda
    System ID
    Format                lvm2
    Metadata Areas        1
    Metadata Sequence No  179
    VG Access             read/write
    VG Status             resizable
    MAX LV                0
    Cur LV                16
    Open LV               7
    Max PV                0
    Cur PV                1
    Act PV                1
    VG Size               498.50 GiB
    PE Size               4.00 MiB
    Total PE              127617
    Alloc PE / Size       27936 / 109.12 GiB
    Free  PE / Size       99681 / 389.38 GiB

    In this example, the total disk space (VG Size) is 498.50 GB.

  3. Identify how the disk space is allocated across your partitions by running the lvs command.

    For example:

    There are four entries to note in this response:
    • dat.log.1 (highlighted in yellow) displays the size of the /var/log partition that is used to store the collected log data.
    • dat.share.1 (highlighted in aqua) displays the size of the /shared partition that is used for ISOs and backups on the BIG-IQ system.
    • set.1._var (highlighted in green) displays the size of the /var partition for HD1.1 that is used for the initial software installation.
    • set.2._var (also highlighted in green) displays the size of the /var partition for HD1.2 that is used for the upgrade installation. Note that these two partitions on the active and upgrade volumes must be the same size (as in this example).
  4. If you determine you need additional disk space, increase the disk space for both volumes to the size you need.
    Refer to Resizing Disk Space on BIG-IQ Virtual Edition on for details.