Manual Chapter : Managing Bot Signature Categories in Shared Security

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 5.2.0
Manual Chapter

About bot signature categories

You use bot signature categories to create additional categories for bot signatures.

The Bot Signature Categories screen displays the defined categories. Click the name of a bot signature category to display the properties, and modify them if needed.

To see the properties displayed in a lower pane, select the check box to the left of a bot signature category.

In the Related Items area, you can click Show to see items related to the bot signature category.

Create bot signature categories

You use bot signature categories to label groups of bot signatures. You can create and modify only those bot signature categories that are user-defined.
  1. Click Configuration > SECURITY > Shared Security > Bot Signature Categories .
  2. Click Create.
    The New Bot Signature Category screen opens.
  3. Type a Category Name for the bot signature category, and use the Partition setting default of Common.
  4. From the Category Type list, select the appropriate type for the bot signature category, either Malicious or Benign.
  5. Leave User-defined selected.
  6. Save any changes.
The changes to the bot signature categories are saved.