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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

About assignment items

Most assignment items support assigning resources to a session. In contrast, the Variable Assign item supports assigning values to existing variables, to existing configuration elements, and to variables that you define yourself.
Resource assignment
A resource assignment item is usually placed immediately prior to an
ending on a branch in an access policy. At that point, any branching (based on client type or geolocation, and so on), client software checks, SSL client certificate checks, and authentication items are complete. Resource assignment supports:
  • Selection of the resources that are needed to establish a network access, portal access, or application access session, including a webtop and any ACLs.
  • Mapping resources to an Active Directory or LDAP group.
  • Overriding the pool assignment made in a virtual server.
Resource assignment also supports selection of resources for bandwidth control, enforcement of Secure Web Gateway (SWG) schemes, and so on.
Variable assignment
A variable assignment item is placed where needed in an access policy. Variable assignment items can support:
  • Replacing the value of one configuration object, such as a subnet, with another configuration object of the same type.
  • Replacing the value of a session variable.
  • Taking a value from an AAA attribute (which must be already available in the session, retrieved by another item), and assigning the attribute value to a variable.
  • Creating a variable for any reason (for example, storing a value for later retrieval or using the value in arithmetic operations).
  • Using Tcl expressions to derive values and assign them to variables.