Manual Chapter : Applying Web Application Security policy templates

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Applying Web Application Security policy templates

Use a template to populate the attributes of a new Web Application Security policy. Policy templates allow you to reduce the time required to configure a policy for your applications.
Each new security policy, by default, has a Rapid Deployment Policy template. You can replace the default with a user-defined or system-supplied template, and then modify the policy's subcollections as needed. Unlike parent policies, if you modify a policy, once a template is configured, it does not affect the original template's settings.
Whether you are creating, or applying a security policy to an object, keep in mind the BIG-IP device version over which you wish to deploy the policy. Some protection features are not available, or changed from version to version.
System-defined templates (Generic and Application Ready policy templates) are aligned to support devices running versions 13.1 or later. This provides optimal deployment over multiple versions. This can omit certain fields that were added to newer device versions. It is recommended to monitor your security policy's performance to ensure that your existing policy meets your applications needs. For more information about monitoring Web Application Security, see
Modify and Manage Layer 7 Security Objects.
Generic Templates
Generic templates address most aspects of the application security policy suite, while remaining broad enough to protect any application, regardless of its platform. Each template varies based on the level of enforcement and traffic learning settings. For more information about each generic template, its settings, and version limitations, see Generic Web Application Security policy templates.
Application Ready Templates
Application ready security policies are baseline templates designed to secure that specific enterprise application platforms. Similar to generic templates, application ready templates provide a fixed policy that you can adjust settings manually, or configure additional security features. These templates are configured for the following platforms:
  • Drupal v8
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access Exchange® 2016
  • Sharepoint 2016
  • Wordpress v4.9
Custom Policy Templates
Custom templates are created using existing Web Application Security policies. For more information, see Manage and create policy templates.
Templates are ready aligned to support BIG-IP versions 13.1 or later, which allow for optimal deployment over different device versions. If you