Manual Chapter : Configuring PEM Sessions

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  • 17.1.0, 17.0.0, 16.1.4, 16.1.3, 16.1.2, 16.1.1, 16.1.0
Manual Chapter

Configuring PEM Sessions

Overview: Configuring PEM Sessions

In the BIG-IP system, the Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM) provides a greater level of manageability for subscriber sessions and flexibility.
Session creation
The PEM profile controls creation of sessions for traffic originated on Internet side.
Flow termination
The PEM global option controls flow termination on session delete.
TCL scripts support
The PEM TCL filter supports the multiple line TCL scripts and variables.

Creating sessions from server side

You can drop unknown traffic from server side by disabling unknown subscriber session creation for a PEM profile, or enable it so that a session can be created from the server side.
  1. On the Main tab, click
    Subscriber Management
    Subscriber Management
    The Subscriber Management screen opens.
  2. Click
    The New Subscriber Management Profile screen opens.
  3. In the
    field, type a unique name for the subscriber management profile.
  4. At the right of the
    Session Creation From Server Side
    setting, select the
    check box, and then select
    from the list so that the session is not created for the server side IP. The deafault value is
  5. From the
    Drop Unknown Traffic From Server Side
    option, select
    to drop unknown traffic from server side. The default value is
  6. Click
    The system creates a session based on server side IP when the server side traffic comes.
  7. On the Main tab, click
    Local Traffic
    Virtual Servers
    The Virtual Servers List screen opens.
  8. Select a virtual server you have already created.
  9. In the
    field, type a unique name for the virtual server.
  10. For
    , select
  11. Scroll down to the
    Subscriber Management Profile
    list, and select the subscriber management profile you created.
    The subscriber management profile linked to the session creation for server side is attached to the virtual server here.
The Subscriber Management profile controls session creation for traffic that originates on the server side.